Thursday, May 20, 2010

Take my writing--please!

Welcome to Writing to Share!

I'm a writer who tends to follow her heart. Translation: much of what I write is great fun, but hard to market.

I do hope to land a great agent and be published with a big house. I do have big dreams. But I started writing before I had those aspirations, and will continue long after they are either achieved or forgotten.

What I really want is for others to read what I've written and enjoy it.

And that's why I'm starting this blog. I have a backlog of projects--one got some very positive agent attention, but was turned down due to difficulties with the market. A few landed contracts with a small press, but the contracts were cancelled when I realized that the press didn't have a little thing called distribution, which is what actually gets writing out to the reading public. Some are simply too short to be marketed as novels and too long to be called short stories.

I want to share them. They are all copyrighted, property of me, but any reader of this blog has my permission to copy, distribute, or otherwise use this writing in any way they choose, so long as I'm given credit as the original author.

In two days, I will post the first of these free writings.

I'm putting it all out there. So take my writing--please!

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