Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Query is Complete

The thing about queries is, you can tweak them forever. There's no end to it. Eventually, you just have to say, "Good enough" and move on.

And I think I'm there. This query follows the book beautifully, and any agent who reads it will know exactly what kind of book they're in for--sort of. There's an element of humor in the novel that I don't feel comes across strongly in the query, but it's not slapstick, it's situational. The first chapter is rife with it, and if they request a partial, they'll learn about it soon enough, I guess. Other than that, the query is a pretty perfect representation of my story.

So, good enough.

Then again, speaking of "good enough", is this blog post good enough? I'm totally rambling...

Anyway, here's the final version of my query:


Growing up, Terri and her sister Joanie had wild and glamorous fantasies of becoming Hollywood starlets. Time changes things for Terri. She starts a stable life as a wife, mother, and baker, while Joanie moves to L.A and involves herself with the sort of guys who do bit parts in the tabloids… That is, until Joanie's murdered.

In the aftermath of her sister's death, Terri realizes that the wild woman inside of her has gone down in a blaze of bread-baking glory. She seeks out a less domesticated life for herself, pulling heists, dodging the cops, and getting awful close to Chris, a dangerous, seductive man who had once been her sister's lover.

Terri's heart ultimately triumphs over her body, but her attempts to disengage from Chris lead to a game of one-upmanship, where each of them are trying to get the advantage of the other. Before long, Chris is destroying her marriage and Terri's drowning his convertible. But there's more at stake than Terri realizes, because Chris was more than her sister's lover: he was her killer. In the end, Terri will come to understand the woman her sister became, and she'll see a way to avenge Joanie's death and find the closure she so desperately needs. Unfortunately, by that time, she'll be lost in the middle of nowhere and Chris will be holding a gun to her head…


After that, I'd put the title and word count and a quick closing with contact info.

Next time, I'll talk about finding agents.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Query Hits a Hitch

I posted my query at my favorite website, Absolute Write.

The people there helped me quite a bit...but none of us felt that the query was where it needed to be. One of the posters started asking me questions about the manuscript, and so I told her:


Terri and Joanie were close in age, in looks, in their tastes in men. Growing up, they were glamorous and wild and had fantasies of become Hollywood starlets. Time changed things for Terri--she settled down into a stable, if boring, life--but not for Joanie. Joanie moved to L.A and was involved with the sort of guys who do bit parts in the tabloids.

Both sisters were a little malcontent, both wanted what the other had, and each of them lived vicariously through the other, mostly through pictures and phone calls. Then Joanie got murdered.

For years, Terri had been feeling smothered by her chosen life; like the wild woman inside of her was going down in a blaze of bread-baking glory. The addition of Joanie's death makes it too much for her. She can no longer live vicariously through her sister, so instead, she seeks out the wild life for herself.

In some ways, she's trying to escape the life she's chosen. In another way, she's trying to bring her sister back by becoming her. But the big deal is, she just can't cope with the loss. There's been no closure, and she doesn't think there ever can be.

Chris is actually another POV character, and while it's not given away early in the book, he's come to Terri's town specifically to seek her out. He had been completely obsessed with Joanie, and killed her in a fit of rage when she decided to end the relationship. Since then, he can't get her out of his head. He dreams about her every night, and every morning has to face the reality of her murder again as if it were for the first time. Terri looks like her sister, and Joanie always talked about how the two of them were just alike. They would even pass the same genes on to the kids, Chris figures--so if there's anyone in the world who could replace Joanie, it would be Terri.

And so the showdown. Chris is, in a way, put back in time. He's once again loved and lost, with a girl that's as close to Joanie as possible without actually being her. And Terri finally understands her sister--why her sister chose the life she did, and why she envied Terri's choices--AND sees a way to avenge her death, giving her the closure she craves.

I'm writing this as I go, and it's leaving stuff out, of course, but I hope it answers your questions. :)


The response was that I should use that. Of course, it's too long for a query (by a heck of a lot), it's unpolished (I wrote it in about two minutes), and it lacks a lot of what makes a query a query.

Meanwhile, I got a response from my first Beta reader. He gave a nice critique (read: told me what sucked about my writing) and said that he'd seen my query...he felt I was selling my novel short.

So basically, it's back to the drawing board. Square one, and all that.

But hey, I'm having fun. This, too, is part of being a writer.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Query - Take Two

Here is a newer take on the query letter that I posted last time.


As kids, Terri and her sister were just alike: wild women with Hollywood dreams. Now in her early thirties, Terri has become a housewife and a mommy, and baking bread for extra cash has given her a doughy ring around the middle. Her sister's been murdered.

Now Terri's pulling late night heists in an attempt to relive crazy youth she and her sister had shared. After completing a particularly satisfying break-in, she meets a dangerous, seductive man named Chris; a man who had once been her sister's lover. He's almost irresistible, but Terri manages--if only just. Problem is, Chris won't take no for an answer.

He tries to trap her, first by wining and dining her, and then by threatening to lie to her husband about the depth of their involvement. She tries to make herself not worth his time, starting with threatening his reputation, then by threatening his car. The games have begun. But there's more at stake than Terri's marriage or Chris's convertible, because, unbeknownst to her, he was more than her sister's lover: he was her killer. And now he wants the one woman in the world that he believes can fill the void in his twisted heart…


The ending is much stronger, and this one actually describes the book more accurately. In the first version, meeting Chris and finding out that he's the killer happen practically at the same time. In this one, we see that she actually meets Chris early on, has this back-and-forth with him, and then discovers the truth.

But it's not finished yet. The first paragraph is still slow--too much background, not enough action. It's neither as clear nor as engaging as it should be. And the first paragraph is vitally important: it's what's supposed to "hook" the agent. On top of that, I'm not sure that the opening of the third paragraph is quite where it needs to be just yet.

So it's back to the drawing board, another revolution of the Query-go-Round.

I'll see ya next time. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Query Letter


I'm working on my query letter. Typical format is like this:

Greeting, wherein you spell the agent's name right, use Mr. or Ms. correctly, and follow the name with the more formal and professional colon, rather than comma.

Three short paragraphs (no more than about half a page) of book description, wherein you give away as much of the book as possible.

Professional credits or experience that qualifies you to write the book, word count, and sometimes a list of similar books already in the genre.

A closing that gives your name and contact info.

Right now, I'm trying to hammer out that second paragraph, the book description. This is what I have so far:

As kids, Terri and her sister were just alike: wild women with Hollywood dreams. Now in her early thirties, Terri has become a housewife and a mommy, and baking bread for extra cash has given her a doughy ring around the middle. Her sister's been murdered.

In order to ease the pain, Terri seeks to relive the crazy youth she and her sister had shared. She starts pulling what she terms "heists"--minor break-ins and the like--and is having a blast, despite the strain she's causing to her marriage.

That's when she meets Chris, her sister's dangerous and seductive ex-lover. She's being drawn in, even as her husband is demanding that she end her double life and come back to being a full time wife and mother. Ultimately, she chooses her husband, but by then seduction has turned into stalking, and Terri learns too late that Chris was more than her sister's lover. He was her killer.

I'm not happy with it because it doesn't show what the main character actually does to resolve this problem; it's all set up. I feel that the background is important--I don't know how the rest could have full impact without it--and yet, I'm already at the appropriate length and I like the way this reads.

This is what the good folks at Absolute Write call "the query-go-round". :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ending Gieden/How Publishing Works

I've enjoyed seeing some of my old work again, and hopefully someone out there has enjoyed reading Gieden, the RPG, but I know that the majority of those who follow my blog aren't RPG'ers. With that in mind, and considering that I've already included enough of the basic rules to run a Gieden game, I'm ready to move on. Anyone who is interested can have the rest of the sourcebook information, modules and/or supplements e-mailed to them. Ask and ye shall receive!

My last blog post was just a note that I would be away until my current novel was completed. Well, I'm back, so you know what that means--I finished!

Of course, that doesn't mean that my book will be on shelves any time soon. There's a huge gap between finished manuscript and published book, and while some of you guys know this process all too well, I get asked about it a lot in my daily life. I want to talk process and method for a while, blog-wise, but first, I think I ought to outline the steps to publication.

1) Write a good book. Depending on genre, we're talking 60-100 thousand words, all with a coherent plot and a definite beginning, middle, and end. It's harder than it sounds, takes months (at best) and there's no guarantee you'll ever get paid.

2) Revise it within an inch of its life.

3) Ask some kind people knowledgeable in the genre to read it over. Their job is to shred your baby. They point out any mistake, anything that bothers them, anything at all that they don't like...because chances are, other readers would feel the same way.

4) Swallow that lump in your throat and make serious revisions.

5) Work on your query letter. A query is a short introduction to your story, usually sent to agents in hopes that one will like the story enough to represent it.

6) Research agents. Double check them on Preditors and Editors and at Absolute Write. Query Tracker works great, too. Make sure they represent your genre, are accepting submissions, and that your query meets their requirements. If you can find their blog or an interview with them, so much the better. Definitely read their agency website.

6) Send the query and wait. Swallow the new lump that shows up in your throat when you get that first rejection. Remember that there are many reasons that agents reject manuscripts, and not all of them mean you suck.

7) Get a partial request. This means an agent liked the query enough to request a few pages, or maybe even a few chapters, of your manuscript. Do a snoopy dance.

8) Get a full request. This means the agent liked your pages enough to request the whole manuscript. Now you're cookin'! You're manuscript is hot, hot, hot!
Unfortunately, by "cooking" and "hot", I mean it's in the crock pot, on low, simmering amongst a bunch of similar manuscripts. Hopefully, yours is the tastiest of the bunch, but it'll still be a while before you hear from the agent again--reading full manuscripts takes time, and the agent is spending most of theirs working hard for his or her existing clients. Would you really want it any other way?

9) The agent calls and, if everything goes right, offers representation. Try not to be a total dork over the phone.

*Notice: NO money has changed hands. Not even for "editing services" or as a "reading fee".

10) The agent may make suggestions for revisions. If so, you make them with a smile on your face--the agent knows what the editors want.

11) The editors may make suggestions for revisions. If so, make them with a smile on your face--the editors know what the readers want.

So then you're published, right?

Nope. Then you wait for your manuscript to make through the actual publishing process, which can take a year or two, easy. If there's one thing the publishing industry is not, it's speedy.

So that's the process. I'll keep you updated about my place in it.

See you next time. :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finishing a novel

I'm going offline until the rough draft of my work in progress is complete. That means no new posts for at least a week, maybe two. Wish me luck! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Nuameii, Part Two, Section Four

This will be the last section of the Nuameii. I'm going to skip ahead and just include a few, and leave out most of the pictures for brevity's sake.

Name: Griffon
Size: large horse sized; ie. Clydesdale
Usual Spirit Color: White, Silver, or Blue
Initiative: 7
Full Color: Black or white, colored like a horse
Speed: horse speed
Organization: Solitary or small herd
Health: 15
Temperament: Noble, aloof, temperamental; will not tolerate anyone it deems unworthy
Attacks: Kick, roll 5, HD 7, DD 7, DMG 1, Trample, roll 3, HD 7, DD 6, DMG 2, Bite, roll 4, HD 6, DD 7, DMG 1
Ecology: Similar to wild horses, but Omnivores
Special: Can fly while carrying tremendous weight
Description: The body of a Griffon is similar to a large horse’s, but their feet end in huge eagle claws instead of hooves. They have an incredible wingspan, but luckily their wings tuck neatly to their sides when not in use. These are noble creatures and will not tolerate the presence of the ‘unworthy’.
Bonds With: Extremely noble, self-sacrificing people.

Name: Harpy
Size: human size
Usual Spirit Color: Any
Initiative: 5
Full Color: human, but with a slight sheen of it’s spirit color. The color of the wings match the hair.
Speed: on foot, slower than human, flies faster
Health: 10 Organization: small group
Attacks: Claws, roll 3, HD 5, DD 7, DMG 1
Temperament: Hates all humans
Special: Uses Rank 2 rage magic
Ecology: Omnivores, sleep in high, desolate places.
Description: Harpies appear similar to humans, but they seem old, twisted, and emaciated. They also have a large pair of batwings that protrudes from behind their shoulder blades and their fingers end in long, sharp claws.
Bonds With: People hated by society, people secretly furious with society, the betrayed, hatred that stems from being wronged.

Name: Magic Eater
Size: humanoid, 5-7’ tall
Usual Spirit Color: purple only
Initiative: 6
Full Color: cannot be ‘pulled through’
Speed: slightly slower than human
Organization: Solitary
Health: 20 Temperament: Varies widely
Attacks: Grapple, roll 7, HD 6, DD 7, DMG 1 per round until target wins contested roll, (Str OR Dex+ acrobatics OR brawl, Nuameii rolls 7, most successes vs. 6 wins). Target cannot cast magic while being grappled.
Ecology: Eats magic, never sleeps
Special: absorbs magic; if attacked with magic, it heals as many boxes as Ranks used against it. If grappling a magic user, it heals as much damage as it deals to them and they cannot cast. Can teleport to an area up to 300’ away twice per day.
Description: Appears as a slight purplish shimmer. It is almost invisible when hungry, but glows brightly after a full meal. The Magic Eater devours any magic cast at it, and rips magic from anything it touches.
Bonds With: Anti-magic users with a penchant for nastiness or who hunger for revenge

Name: Merfolk
Size: similar to humans from waist up, roughly 5’ of tail below Usual Spirit Color: white, blue, silver
Initiative: 8 Full Color : normal human from waist up, Any color(s) from waist down
Speed: moves through water like a bird through the air
Organization: Group
Health: 10 Temperament: Varies greatly
Attacks: grapple, roll 8, HD 6, DD 6, target must win contested roll (roll 7 dice for Mermaid) or be rescued within 5 rounds or be drowned.
Ecology: Very similar to dolphins, but eat more algae and other ‘sea greens'. Must live in water, even before being "pulled through".
Special: Uses Protection magic at rank 4, Healing, Subterfuge, and Pure Magic at Rank 1
Description: Human from the waist up, fantastical fish from the waist down, the Merfolk are as beautiful as they are rare. Nuameii Merfolk do not attack when they are created, but instead head straight to the nearest body of water large enough to support them (at least 30' across and 10' deep).
Bonds With: someone casting healing, protection, or pure magic who has a special love for the water.

Name: Nightstalker
Size: 6-7.5’ tall, humanoid, very thin
Usual Spirit Color: Colorless, sometimes black
Initiative: 9
Full Color: grey to black
Speed: human speed in the light, Hummingbird speed in the dark or shadows
Organization: Solitary
Temperament: Evil, vicious
Health: 10
Ecology: haunts the shadows, grabs the living
Attacks: Grapple, roll 6, HD 6, DD 7, DMG 1 and holds them still while sucking the life force out of them. Victims can scream and attempt to break the hold (Each roll, most successes vs. 6 wins). This grapple ignores armor but only does 1 box Dmg per round.
Special: Can become shadow or darkness, making itself impossible to hit. It cannot grab or grapple in this state.
Description: Creatures of darkness that appear to be humans made of shadow. At night, the only way to locate them is by their victim’s screams.
Bonds With: murderers, those who take pleasure in death.

Name: Shocker Lizard
Size: 6”-1’ tall, stands upright, short tail Usual Spirit Color: Any, usually green
Initiative: 10 Full Color: light blue or green, sometimes striped
Speed: almost as fast as a human, but changes direction much quicker.
Organization: solitary or small group
Health: 4 Temperament: Usually neutral, attacks only if threatened.
Attacks: special Ecology: shocks its prey, usually insects and small mammals. Carnivorous, and cold blooded.
Special: Shocks any target within 10’, roll 3, HD6, DD 7 DMG 1
Description: The Shocker Lizard is a small lizard that runs relatively quickly and shocks the daylights out of prey or anything that makes it feel threatened.
Bonds With: Nature lovers, especially small people who use magic to compensate for less strength in other areas.

Name: Sphinx
Size: roughly the size of a lion
Usual Spirit Color: Any but black or red
Initiative: 9
Full Color: golden yellow, as a lion
Speed: significantly faster than human
Organization: Solitary or small pride
Health: 14
Temperament: Cunning
Attacks: claw, roll 2, HD 4, DD 7, DMG 2 Bite, roll 6, HD 5, DD 7, DMG 1
Ecology: Carnivorous; seeks high, isolated places
Special: binds others to oaths, as Rank 4 pure magic user, speaks all languages
Description: Sphinxes have the body of a lion, the face of a human, and large wings. They are highly intelligent and are in tune with all the energies of the planet. Thus, they can speak any language and know almost anything they wish to know, although they cannot necessarily predict the future, read minds, or know minute details of a personal nature. They are extremely rare, and if asked, they will occasionally answer questions and give information--if the questioner will allow themselves to be bound by an oath. Often, a sphinx will bind someone to a truly bizarre oath, just for amusement’s sake, or harass someone with riddles before they will give the information. Occasionally, they amuse themselves by refusing to give information and challenging the questioner instead. After all, knowing everything does bore one after a few hundred years.
Bonds With: Intellectuals, those for whom knowledge is paramount.

Name: Unicorn
Size: similar to a dainty horse
Usual Spirit Color: white or black only
Initiative: 9
Full Color: White or black
Speed: slightly faster than the average horse
Organization: Solitary or small herd
Health: 15
Temperament: After their initial ‘birth’, white Unicorns never attack. Black Unicorns fight if absolutely necessary. Both are elusive and only tolerate the presence of noble and pure individuals. Attacks: kick, roll 2, HD 4, DD 7, DMG 2 Trample, roll 4, HD 6, DD 6, DMG 2 Horn, roll 3, HD 7, DD 7, DMG 2 Special: Rank 2 protection, Rank 3 Healing (white unicorns also have Rank 1 Elemental Earth magic, allowing them to help plants and beautify their surroundings, and Rank 1 Elemental Water magic, allowing them to purify water)Rank 2 subterfuge
Ecology: herbivorous, enjoy forests, especially the areas near ponds or streams. Description: Dainty horses with long, thick manes and tails and a single horn protruding from their foreheads. The white ones have a golden horn and golden hooves, while the black ones have a silver horn and silver hooves. Bonds With: Those who use healing magic and extremely pure, noble and righteous individuals.

Name: Werewolf
Size: slightly large humanoids, roughly 6-7’
Usual Spirit Color: almost always green
Initiative: 8
Full Color: Natural wolf or human colors
Speed: roughly wolf speed Organization: Most prefer packs, some solitary
Health: 15, regenerates 1 per round if the moon is full.
Temperament: Distrust and dislike humans, will immediately attack any who disturb their forest.
Attacks: As human, or Claw, roll 6, HD 6, DD 6, DMG 1, Bite, roll 3, HD 6, DD 5, DMG 1
Ecology: similar to wolves
Special: may change from human to large wolf and back at will once pulled through. Appears as half wolf-half human before being pulled-through.
Description: When human, the face is somewhat elongated and strange, the ears are pointed, and the hair is almost a mane.
Bonds With: Elemental magic users, and those who love nature and dislike people. Anyone who feels that protecting the Earth is paramount.

Name: Wolf
Size: as a medium to large sized dog Usual Spirit Color: Any
Initiative: 6-8
Full Color: natural wolf colors, usually grey or brown
Speed: Wolf speed, fast dog
Organization: pack
Health: 9 Temperament: Untrusting, dangerous when threatened, wounded, or hungry
Attacks: Bite, 5 dice rolled, HD 5, DD 7 , Damage 1
Special: Wolves who have not been pulled-through may use subterfuge, Rank 2
Ecology: hunters and scavengers who live in the forests, sometimes taking over caves.
Description: Natural wolf
Bonds With: Children, loners, the predatory, those who do what they must

Thanks again to Marcus Burris for all the artwork in the Nuameii section.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Nuameii, Part Two, The Golems

Name: Golem, Craft
Size: varies, roughly human-sized
Usual Spirit Color: Gold only
Initiative: 7
Full Color: any metallic
Speed: average human
Organization: seeks human companionship
Health: 10
Temperament: Obedient
Attacks: Choke, 5 dice rolled, HD 7, DD 5 Does 2 boxes DMG per round until removed, roll Str+acrobatics OR brawl, vs. dif. 7.
Ecology: True magical constructs, wholly unnatural
Special: Use artifice magic, but is ostensibly mechanical
Description: humanoid, but with long, retractable, tentacle-like hoses and strange gizmos attached. Think H.R Giger. Sometimes the hoses have ends that do special maneuvers, such as pick locks or work similar to electric screwdrivers. These magical constructs need maintenance and magic, preferably artifice magic. They seek out humans in order to get this, and are obedient companions, however, anyone caught associating with a Nuameii will, at best, considered insane and dangerous, or at worst, killed on sight. Those who keep the company of golems almost never deal with other human beings. Golems are different than other Nuameii. They can speak, can not “fly” (unless the golem is a Tech golem or has something akin to a “rocket pack”), and unless they are pulled-through, they dissipate if they do not receive the necessary maintenance. (Pulled-through golems cease to function without regular infusions of artifice magic.)
Bonds With: Artifice magic users who are determined to continue their craft even if they become Nuameii.

Name: Golem, Power
Size: 6-8’, bulky humanoid
Usual Spirit Color: Gold only
Initiative: 5
Full Color: Any metallic
Speed: same as average human
Organization: seeks out human companionship
Health: 20 Temperament: Obedient, serious, sullen
Attacks: as human, but add ½ box DMG Per success, roll 6 dice (For fist, DMG becomes 1 box)
Ecology: True magical construct; wholly unnatural
Special: Use artifice magic, but seems to do so mechanically
Description: Extremely large and powerful, obedient yet completely serious and often sullen, these magical constructs need maintenance and magic, preferably artifice magic. They seek out humans in order to get this, and are obedient companions, however, anyone caught associating with a Nuameii will, at best, considered insane and dangerous, or at worst, killed on sight. Those who keep the company of golems almost never deal with other human beings. Golems are different than other Nuameii. They can speak, can not “fly” (unless the golem is a Tech golem or has something akin to a “rocket pack”), and
dissipate if they do not receive the necessary maintenance.
Bonds With: Artifice magic users who desire power.

Name: Golem, Tech
Size: usually very small, like a 1’ diameter orb
Usual Spirit Color: always gold
Initiative: 8 Full Color: Any metallic
Speed: Zippy, like a hummingbird
Organization: seeks out human companionship
Health: 5 Temperament: obedient, but questioning. Mischievous.
Attacks: Beam attack, roll 3, HD 6, DD 5, DMG 1
Special: flies, though they have no wings, Use artifice magic
Ecology: Magical construct, wholly unnatural
magic, but it seems to work through mechanics rather than anything mystical
Description: Small orbs that hover and fly around of their own volition. Once they learn to communicate, they usually use their verbal skills to amuse or annoy their people. Small retractable hoses come from the sides and act as arms when needed; a person who is Tainted and linked to this kind of Nuameii will manifest hoses for arms or strange devices for hands. These magical constructs need maintenance and magic, preferably artifice magic. They seek out humans in order to get this, and are obedient companions, however, anyone caught associating with a Nuameii will, at best, considered insane and dangerous, or at worst, killed on sight. Those who keep the company of golems almost never deal with other human beings. Golems are different than other Nuameii. They can speak and they will dissipate (or cease to function, if pulled-through) if they do not receive the necessary maintenance.
Bonds With: Quirky, sarcastic people who use artifice magic.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nuameii, Part Two, Part Two

Name: Dryad
Size: tall, slim human Usual Spirit Color: Green
Initiative: 6 Full Color: As humans
Speed: teleports/instantaneous movement
Organization: Solitary
Health: 10
Temperament: Mischievous, avoids contact
Attacks: Charm/Entangle/Call, see below
Ecology:Lives in the densely forested areas. Lives off of the energies of the wild. Will die if removed from forest more than 10 hours; outside of the forest, it cannot teleport.
Special: Charm: works as manipulation, 3 automatic successes, then roll 4 dice.
Entangle, HD 6, DD 7, vines bind target’s feet
Call: Choose natural animal, pulled through, or Nuameii, then all those within 200’ radius come to Dryad’s aid. (Can do this once per week.)
Teleport: At any time, they can teleport through the trees, as far away as the forest extends.
Description: The Dryad appears as an exceptionally beautiful human, but their hair, eyes, and clothing match the changing seasons. For instance, a female Dryad may appear as a green-eyed brunette wearing a short skirt in the summer, and then as a yellow-eyed redhead in a flowing gown in the fall. The ears of the Dryad are unnaturally pointed, and their eyes are slightly too large. Also, their hair will often have green vines growing through it, or perhaps be flecked with autumn leaves; whatever is appropriate to the season. Dryads will often mislead humans, getting them lost or getting them to act recklessly enough to cause their own deaths. They especially hate humans who destroy wooded areas.
Bonds With: Those who love nature above all, those who die trying to save wild animals or wild places.

Name: Elemental
Size: roughly human sized
Usual Spirit Color: almost exclusively green
Initiative: air 8, earth 5, water 11, fire 8
Full Color: exactly as element
Speed: in own element, extremely fast, like a Hummingbird. Otherwise, human speed
Organization: pack (same element only), otherwise solitary
Health: 10, except earth, which has 15
Attacks: Can use Elemental magic (their element only)
Temperament: varies
Special: can meld with and disappear into their element
Ecology: see description
Description: Elementals are shaped like perfectly formed humans, but they are made up entirely of one element; air, earth, water, or fire. They behave much like their element: air is elusive, and eats tiny creatures that it flies over (it flies by melding with the wind), earth is very solid and eats in much the same way as an earthworm, water can be temperamental and eats small fish, seaweed, or things it drowns, and fire tends to have a terrible temper and eats anything it pleases, leaving only ashes. Until pulled-through, Elementals wield magic as if they had 2 dots in elemental magic. Afterwards, treat them as if they have four.
Bonds With: Those who use elemental magic, those with a strong affinity to one element.

Name: Fae
Size: human
Usual Spirit Color: silver
Initiative: 7 Full Color: human, with slight silver sheen
Speed: fast human
Organization: as humans
Health: 11
Temperament: Aloof, distrustful
Attacks: As human, roll 5 dice
Ecology: herbivore, similar to humans
Special: can cast magic.
Description: Tall and slender, with angular features, big eyes, and pointed ears. They tend to be quiet, reclusive, and secretive. They will attack if defending their secrets, their homes, or other creatures. They can meld into trees similar to Dryads. Like almost all Nuameii, they attack as soon as they are created.
Bonds With: Magical people with secrets to hide.

Name: Fairy
Size: 3-5” tall, humanoid
Usual Spirit Color: blue, sometimes others
Initiative: 12
Full Color: glows brightly in its spirit color
Speed: Hummingbird speed
Organization: large group
Health: 6
Temperament: Varies widely
Attacks: See below Ecology: herbivorous, live in hollow trees
Special: Retains all magic, manipulates (charming) roll 6
Description: Seem to be tiny humans with wings. Usually these wings are similar to a dragonfly’s, but sometimes they are butterfly or bird wings. Usually, a Fairy will be entirely one color.
Bonds With: Protection magic users, and especially magical people who care deeply for others

Name: Frog, Spirit
Size: varies
Usual Spirit Color: any, often green
Initiative: 5
Full Color: Any
Speed: human
Organization: solitary or small group
Health: 7
Temperament: detached, neutral
Attacks: poison if touched
Ecology: eats small insects, or if large, small fish or rodents. Most prefer to live near water.
Special: Rank 1 elemental magic (water or earth)
Description: Like normal frogs, these frogs range from tiny (under 1” long), to rather large (over 1’ long). They may be any color or combination thereof, and may be slick like frogs or bumpy and dry like toads.
Bonds With: Children, those hated by others, loners

Name: Goblin
Size: 3-4’, stands upright Usual Spirit Color: any
Initiative: 4 Full Color: human-like, with slight sheen of spirit color.
Speed: slightly slower than humans Organization: large groups whenever possible
Health: 7 Temperament: mean-spirited human
Attacks: as human, roll 5 Ecology: They’d love to kill, but they are mostly scavengers. Nuameii do not attack them, so they often band together in empty buildings near ruined cities. They often live in the ruins of human habitations and set up a remarkably human lifestyle, which they defend fiercely from intruders.
Special: none
Description: Goblins appear as small, twisted humans. They attack out of a combination of sheer maliciousness and a desire to protect their way of life, and will run if it’s clear that they are losing. Their attacks are almost always ambushes, and groups of less than seven almost never attack humans. Unlike other Nuameii, they do not distinguish between ‘pulled-through’ and not ‘pulled-through’; it is possible to see both types working together. They seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to locating one another; when a Goblin Nuameii is created, it almost always runs off to join its own kind.
Bonds With: Slimy, wormy people. Oath breakers. Those who lie with regularity or are unnecessarily cruel. Those who are fascinated by the Pre-Breaking cities.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Fourth!

Taking a break for the fourth of July weekend...hope yours is great!