Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nuameii, Part Two, Part Two

Name: Dryad
Size: tall, slim human Usual Spirit Color: Green
Initiative: 6 Full Color: As humans
Speed: teleports/instantaneous movement
Organization: Solitary
Health: 10
Temperament: Mischievous, avoids contact
Attacks: Charm/Entangle/Call, see below
Ecology:Lives in the densely forested areas. Lives off of the energies of the wild. Will die if removed from forest more than 10 hours; outside of the forest, it cannot teleport.
Special: Charm: works as manipulation, 3 automatic successes, then roll 4 dice.
Entangle, HD 6, DD 7, vines bind target’s feet
Call: Choose natural animal, pulled through, or Nuameii, then all those within 200’ radius come to Dryad’s aid. (Can do this once per week.)
Teleport: At any time, they can teleport through the trees, as far away as the forest extends.
Description: The Dryad appears as an exceptionally beautiful human, but their hair, eyes, and clothing match the changing seasons. For instance, a female Dryad may appear as a green-eyed brunette wearing a short skirt in the summer, and then as a yellow-eyed redhead in a flowing gown in the fall. The ears of the Dryad are unnaturally pointed, and their eyes are slightly too large. Also, their hair will often have green vines growing through it, or perhaps be flecked with autumn leaves; whatever is appropriate to the season. Dryads will often mislead humans, getting them lost or getting them to act recklessly enough to cause their own deaths. They especially hate humans who destroy wooded areas.
Bonds With: Those who love nature above all, those who die trying to save wild animals or wild places.

Name: Elemental
Size: roughly human sized
Usual Spirit Color: almost exclusively green
Initiative: air 8, earth 5, water 11, fire 8
Full Color: exactly as element
Speed: in own element, extremely fast, like a Hummingbird. Otherwise, human speed
Organization: pack (same element only), otherwise solitary
Health: 10, except earth, which has 15
Attacks: Can use Elemental magic (their element only)
Temperament: varies
Special: can meld with and disappear into their element
Ecology: see description
Description: Elementals are shaped like perfectly formed humans, but they are made up entirely of one element; air, earth, water, or fire. They behave much like their element: air is elusive, and eats tiny creatures that it flies over (it flies by melding with the wind), earth is very solid and eats in much the same way as an earthworm, water can be temperamental and eats small fish, seaweed, or things it drowns, and fire tends to have a terrible temper and eats anything it pleases, leaving only ashes. Until pulled-through, Elementals wield magic as if they had 2 dots in elemental magic. Afterwards, treat them as if they have four.
Bonds With: Those who use elemental magic, those with a strong affinity to one element.

Name: Fae
Size: human
Usual Spirit Color: silver
Initiative: 7 Full Color: human, with slight silver sheen
Speed: fast human
Organization: as humans
Health: 11
Temperament: Aloof, distrustful
Attacks: As human, roll 5 dice
Ecology: herbivore, similar to humans
Special: can cast magic.
Description: Tall and slender, with angular features, big eyes, and pointed ears. They tend to be quiet, reclusive, and secretive. They will attack if defending their secrets, their homes, or other creatures. They can meld into trees similar to Dryads. Like almost all Nuameii, they attack as soon as they are created.
Bonds With: Magical people with secrets to hide.

Name: Fairy
Size: 3-5” tall, humanoid
Usual Spirit Color: blue, sometimes others
Initiative: 12
Full Color: glows brightly in its spirit color
Speed: Hummingbird speed
Organization: large group
Health: 6
Temperament: Varies widely
Attacks: See below Ecology: herbivorous, live in hollow trees
Special: Retains all magic, manipulates (charming) roll 6
Description: Seem to be tiny humans with wings. Usually these wings are similar to a dragonfly’s, but sometimes they are butterfly or bird wings. Usually, a Fairy will be entirely one color.
Bonds With: Protection magic users, and especially magical people who care deeply for others

Name: Frog, Spirit
Size: varies
Usual Spirit Color: any, often green
Initiative: 5
Full Color: Any
Speed: human
Organization: solitary or small group
Health: 7
Temperament: detached, neutral
Attacks: poison if touched
Ecology: eats small insects, or if large, small fish or rodents. Most prefer to live near water.
Special: Rank 1 elemental magic (water or earth)
Description: Like normal frogs, these frogs range from tiny (under 1” long), to rather large (over 1’ long). They may be any color or combination thereof, and may be slick like frogs or bumpy and dry like toads.
Bonds With: Children, those hated by others, loners

Name: Goblin
Size: 3-4’, stands upright Usual Spirit Color: any
Initiative: 4 Full Color: human-like, with slight sheen of spirit color.
Speed: slightly slower than humans Organization: large groups whenever possible
Health: 7 Temperament: mean-spirited human
Attacks: as human, roll 5 Ecology: They’d love to kill, but they are mostly scavengers. Nuameii do not attack them, so they often band together in empty buildings near ruined cities. They often live in the ruins of human habitations and set up a remarkably human lifestyle, which they defend fiercely from intruders.
Special: none
Description: Goblins appear as small, twisted humans. They attack out of a combination of sheer maliciousness and a desire to protect their way of life, and will run if it’s clear that they are losing. Their attacks are almost always ambushes, and groups of less than seven almost never attack humans. Unlike other Nuameii, they do not distinguish between ‘pulled-through’ and not ‘pulled-through’; it is possible to see both types working together. They seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to locating one another; when a Goblin Nuameii is created, it almost always runs off to join its own kind.
Bonds With: Slimy, wormy people. Oath breakers. Those who lie with regularity or are unnecessarily cruel. Those who are fascinated by the Pre-Breaking cities.

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