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The Nuameii, Part Two, Section Four

This will be the last section of the Nuameii. I'm going to skip ahead and just include a few, and leave out most of the pictures for brevity's sake.

Name: Griffon
Size: large horse sized; ie. Clydesdale
Usual Spirit Color: White, Silver, or Blue
Initiative: 7
Full Color: Black or white, colored like a horse
Speed: horse speed
Organization: Solitary or small herd
Health: 15
Temperament: Noble, aloof, temperamental; will not tolerate anyone it deems unworthy
Attacks: Kick, roll 5, HD 7, DD 7, DMG 1, Trample, roll 3, HD 7, DD 6, DMG 2, Bite, roll 4, HD 6, DD 7, DMG 1
Ecology: Similar to wild horses, but Omnivores
Special: Can fly while carrying tremendous weight
Description: The body of a Griffon is similar to a large horse’s, but their feet end in huge eagle claws instead of hooves. They have an incredible wingspan, but luckily their wings tuck neatly to their sides when not in use. These are noble creatures and will not tolerate the presence of the ‘unworthy’.
Bonds With: Extremely noble, self-sacrificing people.

Name: Harpy
Size: human size
Usual Spirit Color: Any
Initiative: 5
Full Color: human, but with a slight sheen of it’s spirit color. The color of the wings match the hair.
Speed: on foot, slower than human, flies faster
Health: 10 Organization: small group
Attacks: Claws, roll 3, HD 5, DD 7, DMG 1
Temperament: Hates all humans
Special: Uses Rank 2 rage magic
Ecology: Omnivores, sleep in high, desolate places.
Description: Harpies appear similar to humans, but they seem old, twisted, and emaciated. They also have a large pair of batwings that protrudes from behind their shoulder blades and their fingers end in long, sharp claws.
Bonds With: People hated by society, people secretly furious with society, the betrayed, hatred that stems from being wronged.

Name: Magic Eater
Size: humanoid, 5-7’ tall
Usual Spirit Color: purple only
Initiative: 6
Full Color: cannot be ‘pulled through’
Speed: slightly slower than human
Organization: Solitary
Health: 20 Temperament: Varies widely
Attacks: Grapple, roll 7, HD 6, DD 7, DMG 1 per round until target wins contested roll, (Str OR Dex+ acrobatics OR brawl, Nuameii rolls 7, most successes vs. 6 wins). Target cannot cast magic while being grappled.
Ecology: Eats magic, never sleeps
Special: absorbs magic; if attacked with magic, it heals as many boxes as Ranks used against it. If grappling a magic user, it heals as much damage as it deals to them and they cannot cast. Can teleport to an area up to 300’ away twice per day.
Description: Appears as a slight purplish shimmer. It is almost invisible when hungry, but glows brightly after a full meal. The Magic Eater devours any magic cast at it, and rips magic from anything it touches.
Bonds With: Anti-magic users with a penchant for nastiness or who hunger for revenge

Name: Merfolk
Size: similar to humans from waist up, roughly 5’ of tail below Usual Spirit Color: white, blue, silver
Initiative: 8 Full Color : normal human from waist up, Any color(s) from waist down
Speed: moves through water like a bird through the air
Organization: Group
Health: 10 Temperament: Varies greatly
Attacks: grapple, roll 8, HD 6, DD 6, target must win contested roll (roll 7 dice for Mermaid) or be rescued within 5 rounds or be drowned.
Ecology: Very similar to dolphins, but eat more algae and other ‘sea greens'. Must live in water, even before being "pulled through".
Special: Uses Protection magic at rank 4, Healing, Subterfuge, and Pure Magic at Rank 1
Description: Human from the waist up, fantastical fish from the waist down, the Merfolk are as beautiful as they are rare. Nuameii Merfolk do not attack when they are created, but instead head straight to the nearest body of water large enough to support them (at least 30' across and 10' deep).
Bonds With: someone casting healing, protection, or pure magic who has a special love for the water.

Name: Nightstalker
Size: 6-7.5’ tall, humanoid, very thin
Usual Spirit Color: Colorless, sometimes black
Initiative: 9
Full Color: grey to black
Speed: human speed in the light, Hummingbird speed in the dark or shadows
Organization: Solitary
Temperament: Evil, vicious
Health: 10
Ecology: haunts the shadows, grabs the living
Attacks: Grapple, roll 6, HD 6, DD 7, DMG 1 and holds them still while sucking the life force out of them. Victims can scream and attempt to break the hold (Each roll, most successes vs. 6 wins). This grapple ignores armor but only does 1 box Dmg per round.
Special: Can become shadow or darkness, making itself impossible to hit. It cannot grab or grapple in this state.
Description: Creatures of darkness that appear to be humans made of shadow. At night, the only way to locate them is by their victim’s screams.
Bonds With: murderers, those who take pleasure in death.

Name: Shocker Lizard
Size: 6”-1’ tall, stands upright, short tail Usual Spirit Color: Any, usually green
Initiative: 10 Full Color: light blue or green, sometimes striped
Speed: almost as fast as a human, but changes direction much quicker.
Organization: solitary or small group
Health: 4 Temperament: Usually neutral, attacks only if threatened.
Attacks: special Ecology: shocks its prey, usually insects and small mammals. Carnivorous, and cold blooded.
Special: Shocks any target within 10’, roll 3, HD6, DD 7 DMG 1
Description: The Shocker Lizard is a small lizard that runs relatively quickly and shocks the daylights out of prey or anything that makes it feel threatened.
Bonds With: Nature lovers, especially small people who use magic to compensate for less strength in other areas.

Name: Sphinx
Size: roughly the size of a lion
Usual Spirit Color: Any but black or red
Initiative: 9
Full Color: golden yellow, as a lion
Speed: significantly faster than human
Organization: Solitary or small pride
Health: 14
Temperament: Cunning
Attacks: claw, roll 2, HD 4, DD 7, DMG 2 Bite, roll 6, HD 5, DD 7, DMG 1
Ecology: Carnivorous; seeks high, isolated places
Special: binds others to oaths, as Rank 4 pure magic user, speaks all languages
Description: Sphinxes have the body of a lion, the face of a human, and large wings. They are highly intelligent and are in tune with all the energies of the planet. Thus, they can speak any language and know almost anything they wish to know, although they cannot necessarily predict the future, read minds, or know minute details of a personal nature. They are extremely rare, and if asked, they will occasionally answer questions and give information--if the questioner will allow themselves to be bound by an oath. Often, a sphinx will bind someone to a truly bizarre oath, just for amusement’s sake, or harass someone with riddles before they will give the information. Occasionally, they amuse themselves by refusing to give information and challenging the questioner instead. After all, knowing everything does bore one after a few hundred years.
Bonds With: Intellectuals, those for whom knowledge is paramount.

Name: Unicorn
Size: similar to a dainty horse
Usual Spirit Color: white or black only
Initiative: 9
Full Color: White or black
Speed: slightly faster than the average horse
Organization: Solitary or small herd
Health: 15
Temperament: After their initial ‘birth’, white Unicorns never attack. Black Unicorns fight if absolutely necessary. Both are elusive and only tolerate the presence of noble and pure individuals. Attacks: kick, roll 2, HD 4, DD 7, DMG 2 Trample, roll 4, HD 6, DD 6, DMG 2 Horn, roll 3, HD 7, DD 7, DMG 2 Special: Rank 2 protection, Rank 3 Healing (white unicorns also have Rank 1 Elemental Earth magic, allowing them to help plants and beautify their surroundings, and Rank 1 Elemental Water magic, allowing them to purify water)Rank 2 subterfuge
Ecology: herbivorous, enjoy forests, especially the areas near ponds or streams. Description: Dainty horses with long, thick manes and tails and a single horn protruding from their foreheads. The white ones have a golden horn and golden hooves, while the black ones have a silver horn and silver hooves. Bonds With: Those who use healing magic and extremely pure, noble and righteous individuals.

Name: Werewolf
Size: slightly large humanoids, roughly 6-7’
Usual Spirit Color: almost always green
Initiative: 8
Full Color: Natural wolf or human colors
Speed: roughly wolf speed Organization: Most prefer packs, some solitary
Health: 15, regenerates 1 per round if the moon is full.
Temperament: Distrust and dislike humans, will immediately attack any who disturb their forest.
Attacks: As human, or Claw, roll 6, HD 6, DD 6, DMG 1, Bite, roll 3, HD 6, DD 5, DMG 1
Ecology: similar to wolves
Special: may change from human to large wolf and back at will once pulled through. Appears as half wolf-half human before being pulled-through.
Description: When human, the face is somewhat elongated and strange, the ears are pointed, and the hair is almost a mane.
Bonds With: Elemental magic users, and those who love nature and dislike people. Anyone who feels that protecting the Earth is paramount.

Name: Wolf
Size: as a medium to large sized dog Usual Spirit Color: Any
Initiative: 6-8
Full Color: natural wolf colors, usually grey or brown
Speed: Wolf speed, fast dog
Organization: pack
Health: 9 Temperament: Untrusting, dangerous when threatened, wounded, or hungry
Attacks: Bite, 5 dice rolled, HD 5, DD 7 , Damage 1
Special: Wolves who have not been pulled-through may use subterfuge, Rank 2
Ecology: hunters and scavengers who live in the forests, sometimes taking over caves.
Description: Natural wolf
Bonds With: Children, loners, the predatory, those who do what they must

Thanks again to Marcus Burris for all the artwork in the Nuameii section.

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