Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gieden, Chapter Three: Character Creation

It's time to make a character; tell a story, make up a dream. But first, you have to know what all the words mean...

At the top of the character sheet, you'll see some basic background information. Most of this is pretty straight-forward: Name, Age, Weight, Eye Color, and Hair Color. Past that, you'll find Job, because, hey, who doesn't have a job? If your character lives in the city, they might be a blacksmith; if they live agriculturally, they might be a farmer. It's possible that their job is simply being a hunter/gatherer, or, if they live in the ruins of a Pre-Breaking city, a scavenger.

After that, you'll see Gieden/Roian. As has been said earlier, everyone in the Gieden system has the ability to channel magic. Those who choose to do so are called Gieden; those who do not are Roian. It is possible to switch between the two, so long as you remain Untainted.

Then comes Res/Accept; this is where you mark down your character's attitude toward magic. Do they resist magic's destruction of their body (giving them a chance to avoid this fate), or do they accept magic's consequences (giving them a chance to take over the Nuameii created if and when they are overtaken by the power)?

And finally, there is the question of Archetype. Is your character a loner? A hopeless romantic? A hero? What physical or mythological creature best fits your character's personality? This is where you define your character's core being and the type of Nuameii they will channel if they ever choose to touch magic.

Next time, we'll go over the Statistics.

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