Monday, June 7, 2010

Using the Magic Circle

This is from the Gieden character sheet. If you wanted to give your character one rank in a magical discipline, you would fill in one of the slots in the outer ring of the symbol for that magic. Your Magical Talent and Magical Resistance scores are decided during character creation, but you would mark them here, too. For Talent, you would fill in one or more slots around the Talent circle in the middle; for Resistance, you would fill in the appropriate number of "donuts" in the outermost ring.

Your Magical Talent score tells you how many slots you can fill in around the magical disciplines. It's a one-to-one ratio. If you have four dots of talent, you can fill in four slots around a magic symbol; you can spread these out around multiple disciplines or focus exclusively on one.

The pointy, star-like symbol in the Magic Circle represents Pure Magic. Moving around the wheel clockwise, you will see the symbols for Destruction, Fury, Elemental, Anti-Magic, Artifice, Subterfuge, Protection, and Healing Magics.

You fill in twice as many donuts (outer ring only) as you have dots in Magical Resistance. Then you use the center of the donuts to keep track of how many Magical Resistance points you've used up for the day.

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