Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Positive Response

No, not from an agent. I'm still waiting on several agents to get back to me, and I haven't yet finished the research necessary to query more.

But yesterday, I wrote and edited a short story, just over a thousand words, and sent it off to a small--but paying--market. I heard back just now! I've been asked to lengthen the story, focusing on one particular theme, and have been given a deadline.

Now that was fast. Publishing usually moves glacially slow. The process of writing and then publishing a novel takes years. Even short stories, when going to larger markets, can take months. It's so nice to get an answer right away--refreshing! And even though this publication only has a circulation of around 15,000, it's a magazine that I personally read, so I'm very glad to have them considering my work.

More on this later.

1 comment:

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