Monday, August 9, 2010

Rejection Letters

I got my second rejection letter today.

Rejection letters come in two forms: form and personalized. Most agents stick to the form rejections--every author gets the same one. This is simpler for the agent, and, strangely, it seems to make some authors feel better than a personalized rejection.

I prefer a personal means the agent took more time on it, and, more importantly, it gives me a clue as to where I can improve.

Anyway, here, for your viewing pleasure, is the infamous "Slushkiller".

Slushkiller is a collection of rejection letters, some personalized, some not, followed by an author's summation of how it made them feel and an agent's reply. It's "must-read" stuff if you're ever planning on submitting a query to agents--because, chances are, you will get rejected a few times, and seeing this beforehand can both prepare you and give you some insight into the process.

I'll log in when I have more news!

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